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Packed with Action

Some people consider going to conferences a waste of time - Especially when they are international - I have heard from time to time why go and lecture international conferences since this is not addressing your target group - your target audience which is basically the patients in your area. I think this is rather short sighted or may be a bit ill -advised. There is certainly so much more to it.

This early April, OOG was coming to town, This stands for the Ocular Oncology Group, a highly specialised closed group of specialists that I have been a member of for the past 6 years. It was organised by my alma mater in Ocular Oncology, the London Ocular Oncology Service, the oldest Ocular Oncology Service in the country that has been led by people with the likes of Stallard, Bedford and Hungerford. Major plus that it was organised at the iconic St Bartholomew's Hospital where I did my clinical and surgical training in the field. I was so deeply pleased to represent once again the Service through some of the personal work done in my Moorfields Clinics last year. Topcon with its swept source Triton OCT was also sponsoring the event - for the first time ever and I think it is massively important that major imaging companies are taking an interest in this area as it is their equipment and their software that has boosted on many occasions our creativity and imagination with very palpable and life saving results in the assessment and diagnosis of patients. Kudos to Victoria Cohen one of my mentors for the excellent organization of the event.

This May I was for the second year in a row an examiner at the European Board of Ophthalmology at Palais de Congres in Paris, France representing UK. It was a quick trip with lots of rain, lots of exam action and unfortunately no Paris. I was examining French aspiring ophthalmologists and boy some of them were scaringly good. I was so pleased to see so many excellent colleagues we have studied and worked with in the past under one roof and in all honesty felt very happy to be part of this. Looking forward to another gig next year.

I am finishing this entry having just participated in the Panhellenic Ophthalmological Congress in Athens, where I was very kindly invited by the Greek Ophthalmologic Society and the President Mr Paroikakis to deliver a lecture on hydroxychloroquine retinopathy. Just to avoid technicalities this is the story where Plaquenil, a common drug for many rheumatologic diseases that many families have someone using it could cause damage at the back of the eye. All these cases are now rigorously watched and I am proud to having set up a screening clinic at the Royal London for all these cases receiving referrals from all around Barts Health. Our waiting list is already nearly a year long and we are increasing capacity to accommodate high demand!!

Clearly no rest for the wicked and hope to touch base soon as the summer is packed with further action (and a bit of holiday) - Major events coming up this autumn and soon will share with new entries and posts. Thank you for the time to go through this entry and keep in touch


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