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Birmingham Optrafair 2019 and Optometry Today Q+A

I recently had the opportunity to do a lecture in Optrafair in Birmingham discussing the importance of this excellent new technology Swept Source OCT and OCT angiography. This is a powerhouse technology in play for the past 2-3 years providing an abundance of information in the prompt management of patients. I came across a very engaging audience of professionals with excellent, insightful questions. As promised, this  presentation of this event is available to everyone interested for free.  As this is a sizeable presentation please subscribe to the mailing list and I will send the presentation to your email address. 

On another news, I had an excellent Q+A with Selina Powell from Optometry Today when presenting in 100% Optical that you can find here:

Please keep visiting as there will be more posts  on the way. Be well and looking forward to be in touch with all of you. 

Don't forget for any questions, requests, appointments you can hit the related link or send me an email at 

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